First, let's make one thing clear, ProxyGuys does NOT log any of our user's data. We have no way to view what sites you have been visiting or any other activity history, simply put, there are no logs. You can view our security statement HERE.

With our single-location 5G mobile proxies there is possible bandwidth throttling after 22GB of data usage per month so it's not technically "unlimited"

With multi-location 5G mobile proxies, it is unlimited but we have to implement some basic terms of service to prevent one person from trashing our entire network so please be sure to read our TOS. Basically, do be our top 1% of users consuming excessive bandwidth or resources and there won't be a problem.

With Static & Rotating residential proxies, you are paying for GB of usage so your welcome to consume as much as your plan will allow as fast as you want. We have no restrictions on thread limits, concurrent connections and do NOT log anything. Pay for GB and that's it.

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