Mobile: Yes these IP's will work great for social media accounts. Whether or not your farming or just maintaining accounts we have seen success from our customers with almost all social media platforms (IG, FB, TikTok, Twitter, etc). People use them for Google as well.

Rotating Residential: These IP's wouldn't necessarily be great for this sort of activity as you can't stick to any IP long enough to be able to finalize an entire account, and if you're maintaining an account the IP will change frequently and put up a red flag that this account is using a rotating proxy and probably lock the account.

Static Residential: These IP's would work well for farming and maintaining social media accounts as the IP never changes. Because the IP is static this means once you create the account on a specific IP you won't want to move it around on different IP in the same group of static IP's. It would need to stay on the one it was farmed on. If you want to move it to a mobile IP this would probably be fine as people move from residential to mobile all the time. But typically end back up on the same residential IP frequently.

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