If you're getting an MTU: 1340 Connection type: OpenVPN TCP bs128 SHA1 lzo message on whatleaks then you'll need to change your MTU to 1310. See below for Windows and Mac instructions.

  1. Windows : https://myrandomtechblog.com/cryptomining/change-mtu-size-in-windows-10/ and set it to MTU 1310

  2. Mac : Open Terminal
    Run this command: route get
    Figure out what your interface is (ex: en2 or en5)
    Then type networksetup -getMTU en# (put number of en where # is)
    Then if you want to change it use command: networksetup -setMTU en# 1310 (put number of en where # is)
    https://osxdaily.com/2013/01/14/set-mtu-size-from-the-command-line-of-mac-os-x/ - more information here. You want to use 1310.

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