Yes you can whitelist your IP. You can actually whitelist a block of IP's if you need. Let's say you have a group of VPS servers and all of them are within the same provider and all the IP's are in the same subnet. This means you can whitelist the whole block and every VPS can access the proxy.

Whitelist 1 IP

1. If you want to whitelist 1 IP you would first click Enable IP Whitelist.

2. After that you would connect to a location by choosing one from the list.

3. Once you connect to a location you will see Set IP Whitelist.

4. Once you click on Set IP Whitelist it will ask you for your IP address.
To find your IP quickly visit and you will see your current IP listed in the upper left hand corner. Highlight the IP and choose the Copy command (CTRL - C for Windows/CMD - C for Mac) and then you will want to paste (CTRL - V for Windows/CMD -V for Mac) that link in the box.

5. Click the Set IP Whitelist button and now you will be able to use your proxy without needing the username or password.

NOTE: the /32 just means it's 1 IP address but it's not mandatory that you put the /32.

Whitelist Block of IP's

You will want to follow steps 1 - 3 above and step 4 will be a little different.

4 . We're assuming that you already know the IP subnet (block) that you're wanting to whitelist. Let's say you have 50 IP's in a block you want to use. -

You would go by the CIDR Standard. In the IP box you would put the following: This will whitelist 64 IP addresses. So all 1-50 will be whitelisted.

Reference the CIDR Standard list for more info. Remember it won't hurt if you do more than what you have in your block just get it close. If you need to whitelist 75 IP's you would most likely choose the /25 which will do .1 - .128.


Here is a short video that explains how to whitelist on the ProxyGuys Portal.

If you have any questions please reach out on our 24/7 online chat for help.

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