Follow these steps to create a proxy list when using login-password authorization:

Locate the Rotating Residential Tab in your dashboard.

Once you click that you will see a page like this.

Go to Proxy Access and select your geo location. This is where you will select what area you want your IP's to be.


  • Country: choose your target country

  • Region: choose your region

  • City: choose your city

  • ISP: the list of available providers depends your target country

    • If you don't choose a region, city or ISP you will get a mixture of any of them. EX: If you just pick United States and no Region you will get IP's from all the different states and cities and ISP's available.

As you select the different fields the next one will populate with what's available in that area.

Note: the available list of regions, cities, ISPs is dynamic and changes regularly

Choose the number of ports you want from that location.

Then press Append To List.

If you want IP addresses from other areas repeat the steps above and then choose the number of ports for that one you want and select Append to List.

Once you have all the different ones you want you will continue to the next step.

Output: Click the "Copy" button under the Proxy List box. This will copy the credentials into your clipboard to then paste them into your software.

Be sure to set your IP Whitelist.

If you click My IP it will populate the box, then press Add (You can add up to 2 IP addresses)

If you set IP Rotation to "Off" it will be random, otherwise choose 90sec to 10 mins.

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