There are 2 types of service offerings with our static residential service. You can pay a little more and get unlimited access to the entire Internet. Or you can choose to get limited access by using our domain authentication.

What exactly is domain authentication you may ask? This means that in some of our packages you will only get to choose a select number of domains that you will be allowed to browse to via the proxy.

If you mainly need a proxy for creating accounts for a specific service such as Facebook, Instagram, web-mail providers, or any other types of service you would be able to put those domains as authorized domains.

Another example is if you're only going to be doing shopping and need access to a certain shopping site(s) such as or

Once you pick a package that has domain authentication and you log into your dashboard you will then click on the "Manage Your Proxy" tab in the top menu bar, then select "Static Residential".

Once you click that you will get a screen that looks like this which asks you for the domains you want to whitelist.

Here you would type in the main domain name for the site. If you want to make accounts on GMX Webmail provider then you would type If you want to do shopping at Nike you would put in Note: any subdomains will automatically be included. For example if you need to go to or something similar it will include that.

Once this is setup and you connect to the proxy you will be denied access to any other website except the ones you put in the whitelist box.

If you begin using the proxy to go to your website of choice and things are not working correctly please reach out to our support via our chat (blue icon in bottom right-hand corner) or using our helpdesk and let them know which website you're trying to go to along with a screenshot of what it looks like and we will do our best to check the site to see what may be blocking some content.

If you need to change the domain(s) for any reason you can request this to be done by our chat or using our helpdesk as described above. Please be aware that when your domain(s)s are changed your ports (IP:PORT) will change for your proxies.

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