Getting Started

Welcome new ProxyGuys customer and thank you for trusting us to be your go to proxy provider. Below we have provided detailed instructions to help get you started using your new proxy and we hope this guide gets you up and running within just a few minutes but if you still have questions our live chat agents are truly available 24/7 to assist you instantly with any of your sales & support questions. That blue icon in the bottom right of every page on our website will get you to a live representative in under 5 minutes!

1) To get started creating your proxy list for our rotating residential proxies please head over to the "Manage Your Proxy" tab in your dashboard then click on "Rotating Residential".

You will see a menu that looks like this.

Rotating Residential Dashboard

2) The next thing you should do is whitelist your public IP of your internet


3) Look for Proxy Access and pick your setting you would like. This is where you will select what area you want your IP's to be.


  • Country: choose your target country

  • Region: choose your region

  • City: choose your city

  • ISP: the list of available providers depends your target country

    • If you don't choose a region, city or ISP you will get a mixture of any of them. EX: If you just pick United States and no Region you will get IP's from all the different states and cities and ISP's available.

As you select the different fields the next one will populate with what's available in that area.

4) Choose the number of ports you want from that location. (1-9999) If you want to do different ones in different locations then select how many for this location and press Append to List. Then repeat step 3 and 4 until you have the number of ports you want.
5) Paste this into your proxy software, network settings or anywhere you want to use the proxies. You're all set!

Note: If you can't use you can use any of the following IP's:

Important Notes About IP Whitelisting:

  • You must "IP Whitelist" before connecting to the proxy ports.

  • You are allowed 2 IP's to whitelist.

Want a new IP? The easiest way to get a new IP is by waiting 10 minutes or by just changing port numbers. You have 10,000 ports to work with.

Slow Speeds? That means the proxy connection you are using is on a slow connection. Best way to fix this is to change ports.

Location Unavailable? All locations are changing constantly depending on the number of devices online at any given moment. The list is updated dynamically whenever locations/devices come on or turn off.

If you need help getting these setup to start testing you can follow our guide showing you how to setup in a browser extension.

We hope this helps get you started. Please don't hesitate to ask questions. We are on live chat 24 hours per day or by visiting our help desk.

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