To set up your rotating residential proxy in FoxyProxy (One of the most popular browser extensions) you will need to install it in your browser.

Once it's installed you will go to your dashboard and click on the Rotating Residential tab to get to a screen that has Proxy Access.

You will go to each field and select the parameters you would like to use. Remember not all fields are required. If you want to get IP's from all over a single country just select the country and leave the rest blank. If you want IP's from a specific ISP you select the country and choose the ISP. Anytime you want to wipe all the options just refresh the page in the browser.

Rotating Residential - Pick your proxy

You must whitelist your public IP in order to use our rotating residential proxies.

Click My IP and the box will be pre-populated with your IP. Then click Add.

You can also select the IP Rotation you need. Note: When set to Off the longest time is 20 mins.

Now that you've selected the parameters you wanted you will take the Login, Password, Server and enter it into FoxyProxy. Note: you can use any port between 9000-9999. You can also use HTTP(s) or SOCKS5 protocols.

Once you have that done you will go to FoxyProxy and click on options.

You will be presented with a screen that looks like this. You will then click the Add button.

You will then take the credentials you have from your ProxyGuys dashboard and enter them into the fields. Keep in mind that each line in the box is a different static IP. Each one of them has a different port. And they are spread out between multiple servers which is why you see the same beginning IP multiple times. The port is what specifies which IP it is you will be getting. It might be helpful for you to create a spreadsheet of the IP:PORT's you have and in a separate column mark down the public IP that belongs with it when you begin using them, if you need to keep track.

Now you want to make sure the switch is "On" and then use the pull down box to select the new proxy you just added.

Now you are ready to browse the web with your new rotating residential IP. If you want to check your IP you can go to to get what IP it is.

If you have any questions you can always reach out to our support team which is available 24/7/365. The best method is by using the blue chat icon in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen or by using our help desk.

Note: If you can't use you can use any of the following IP's:

If you want to watch a video here is one that shows you how to set it up in FoxyProxy.

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