Why does it seem that sometimes a location I'm connected to shows a different location when I go to IP Location sites?

There are hundreds of sites that will lookup an IP that you're connected to and give you the location of that IP. The problem with these sites is they are using databases from various companies which keep record of the IP's and the locations.

A few sites as an example are:






Many of these sites use ip2location.com as their backend database. And ip2location.com data is not always up-to-date.

Many large internet providers have many blocks of IP's in their networks and sometimes there might not be as much demand for a certain geo-location and there's lots of IP's sitting idle. The provider will determine if a different location would benefit more from these IP's and they might move them.

The databases can sometimes be updated a few days later or some do 1x per month updates.

-- MaxMind: Around the 20th
-- DB-IP: 3-5 Business Days
-- IP2Location: End of the Month

The best and most efficient way to see where an IP is truly located is by opening google.com and putting in the search bar "Where am I" as this will give you the exact location that your proxy is connected to.

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