So you purchased a residential rotating proxy subscription from ProxyGuys and you want to set up IP Rotation in which you see a slider with options from 90 seconds to 10 minutes.

First, you need to ensure your IP is properly whitelisted otherwise our proxies will NOT work even with user/pass authentication. Remember you can only whitelist a maximum of 2 IPs at a time but we allow you to update/change your two whitelisted IPs anytime and it's all processed instantly.

Once your IP is whitelisted and your IP AutoRotation is set to your desired amount (Again, this setting is OPTIONAL, you do not have to use or set IP Rotation) you can then begin to choose your targeting options, select how many proxies to generate and hit append to list so you should see something like this...

From here you simply copy & paste the proxies into your software and you're ready to go but with IP Rotation there are some limitations.

First, you must understand that if a proxy goes offline, there is nothing we can do to force that exact same proxy IP to come back online and our system has to automatically route you through the next available IP within your targeting options.

So if you select 10 minutes for IP Rotation the system will try to put you on proxies that will be online for 10 minutes and then automatically put you on a new proxy that will be online for 10 minutes and keep doing this however we have no way to predict the future and know with 100% certainty that a proxy will not lose signal or power off over the next 10 minutes so if this happens, your proxy IP will change before the 10 minutes you set.

So it's totally possible that if you select 90 seconds or 10 minutes for IP Rotation that your IP will automatically rotate before that time if the proxy goes offline unexpectedly. This is a design limitation of how these worldwide residential proxies work.

Here is a video showing 4 different IP's and how long they stayed:

If you do not select any IP Rotation then you will remain on the same IP for the duration of your connection -OR- until that proxy goes offline and then you're automatically put onto another online proxy within your targeting selections. This could be 30 seconds or 30 hours we can't accurately predict.

If your proxy does not work for some reason, simply changing ports will resolve this (Example 9000 changed to 9001) by putting you on a fresh new proxy.

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