Please note that when you purchase static residential proxies from ProxyGuys the IP:Ports we give you are not the public residential IPs the others will see once to visit their website. The IP:Port routes you to our server which then routes you through the residential IP so when you do an IP Lookup you will see the real residential IP instead of the IP you used to connect to the proxy.

If you purchase 100 Static Residential IPs, you will get a list of 100 IP & Ports but all the IPs will be the same, but all the ports will be different. Remember the IP is just to get you to our authentication server, each unique port is what routes you through the dedicated static residential IP.

This is why you need to first connect to the proxy, ensure you can browse online then do an IP lookup to see your real residential IP that the other websites can see.

Some lookup tools we recommend are:

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