We have a full-featured API for our new worldwide rotating residential proxy network launched in June 2021.

To obtain an API key you must contact us over live chat after you have purchased a subscription to our rotating proxy network.


API Key must be sent with a request as a header named "Api-Key"

Available API Calls:

  • List all packages:


  • List all whitelisted IPs in a specific package:


  • Add new whitelisted IP to account (Max 2):


  • List all available countries:


  • List all available regions:


  • List all cities in a region:


  • List all available ISPs in a region:


  • Get proxy endpoints for specific targeting options:


Remember that the API-Key must be sent with every API request and this key does NOT go anywhere in the URL but should only be sent as a header named "Api-Key" from there you would list all packages (A package is basically your subscription/order) then once you have the Package ID then each of the other API calls should have both an Api-Key (as a header) and Package ID in the URL.

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